You have questions…Jay has answers. We want to give you as much information as we can to help you make an informed decision. While we encourage you to visit us you may be able to find many of your research questions answered here. Trust us, you won’t be the first person to ask your question, or the last!

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Where Can I Place A High Touch Home?

Whether you are looking for a home for your own property, downsizing into carefree community living, or creating your lake home, we offer models to match your needs.

High Touch Homes maintains relationships with manufactured housing communities throughout Ohio. Park, private or whatever you envision. We can help you.


Do you carry different manufacturers or only one brand?

I have a variety of manufacturers so that we can offer an adequate selection of different designs and housing types. Click on a company logo at the bottom of this page to see their different floor plans.


Are You Licensed?

Placement of and site construction for manufactured homes is now governed by the Ohio Manufactured Housing Commission (OMHC). Yes. We are licensed. The licensing went into effect in 2007 and I have been licensed since 2006. The license covers certification for foundations site work, electrical service installation and all areas of set-up and finish.


Can I add a porch to the front of my new manufactured home?

Just like any residential structure we can design and build a porch, deck or any other structure as
you desire.


Do You Carry Modular Homes?

Yes. We offer both “manufactured” and “modular” units. Many of our units are “code” versatile and can be built both HUD and ORC codes.


I’ve had problems with hidden costs at other dealers. What is your policy?

At High Tough Homes we believe in simple and honest pricing. Other than home accessories and upgrade options our price includes delivery, set-up, steps, utility connections,interior and exterior completion and more. In a lot of instances we even include permits. One stop, one price, one person to trust.



HUD is the federal building code which governs the productions of all manufactured homes.

ORC – Ohio residential code this covers all site built and “modular” manufactured homes.

Differences are minimal but most notable is the absence of the steel frame on ORC units this being traditional floor joists or pre-engineered trusses.


Will you do our site work?

We do as much or as little as you want or need.

We offer a solid, poured ALL concrete foundation which carries a 30 year waterproof warranty for clients needing a foundation.


Do you offer metal roofs?

The current design is not compatible for highway transit. However, we do have a contractor that can make the conversion at the site.


Is my home compatible for whole house central air conditioning?

Yes, as a matter of fact we are offering whole house central air units with purchase of any new home bought between June 15 – July 31, 2015


Do You Make Before Or After Hour Appointments?

Absolutely, the customer comes first!

Generally, appointments can be made with little to no advance notice. We will do whatever we can to facilitate your individual needs.


Do you do multi-story units?

“I’m building on Lake Erie and need a 2 story 4 bedroom-3 1/2 bath unit. Can you help me?”

Yes, we offer a full range of 2 story units. Traditional, front load for smaller sites, cape cod models, chalet designs and many more. We’re not just manufactured homes, we build homes for the wants, needs and desires of today’s lifestyles.

How about this Cape Cod unit we did on Kelly’s Island?



Do you offer 4 bedroom homes?

Our standard home series ranges from 1 to 5 bedroom units.


I have a floorplan design I want, but don’t see it in your plan books. Can you build it?I

Our manufacturers offer “foreign” (custom) print design services. As long as it fits into the manufacturing size parameters available, we can design and build it.


I Am A Veteran, Do You Offer Anything Special?

Firstly, Thank You For Your Service!

Yes, High Touch Homes is an approved VA builder. And our lenders offer VA financing also. In addition, we extend a 5% discount to all veterans.


I filed bankruptcy, can I get a loan?

Yes. However most lenders require 2 yrs past the discharge date and no late pays, collections or other credit issues since filing.


If I still have a loan on my property can I still get a loan to build?

Absolutely! Not only can we pay off your existing loan and include it in the new home mortgage, if the appraised value is more than your payoff, we can possibly use that amount as equity making it possibly to qualify without any out of pocket investment.


Is Mortgage Interest On Manufactured Housing Deductible?

Yes, interest on manufactured housing chattel as well as mortgage loans are deductible on your tax return, saving you hard earned dollars. Another reason why owning is a better investment and usually cheaper than renting.


Can I trade-in my used home?

Yes. We will also entertain cars,trucks, RV’s, real estate, etc…as equity towards your purchase of a new manufactured modular home.


Can I Get A Discount On Display Models?

Absolutely, currently we have 4 homes on display with discounts ranging from $3,000 to $6,000 off!


Will I get appliances with my home?

All homes come standard with range and refrigerator. We can include any other appliance as an option to purchase, including built-in microwaves, ovens and cooktop stoves for example.


What type of heating can I get in my home?

We offer natural and propane gas, electric and fuel oil. All systems are forced air, no baseboard heaters. Gas heating is available in standard electronic ignition or 95.5 hi-efficiency. All systems are a/c and heat pump compatible as well.


What can I expect my savings to be utilizing manufactured/modular construction versus site building.

Generally modular over site built will save 25%, manufactured will save even more. Click the link for an article pertaining to the comparison.


If I own land, can I purchase a home and receive a real estate loan without putting it on a permanent foundation?

Yes, we have lenders who provide “Land in Lieu” loans with no money down and the home is not required to be on a permanent foundation. Also, this type of loan has minimal closing costs compared to conventional real estate loans.


I love this floorplan, but would like to make it a little larger?

No problem. We can increase 14 ft. singlewides to 16 ft. wide. Sectionals we can increase from 28 ft. to 32 ft. wide. Also we can increase the length in 2 ft. increments up to a total length of 80 ft. for a singlewide or manufactured sectional and up to 76 ft. for an O.R.C. modular.


If my home is destroyed (fire, wind, etc.,.) do I have to start all over new to replace my home or even rebuild a larger one?

Not always. Losing a home in any situation is traumatic, hopefully we can help lessen the pain, frustration and cost with speed, flexibility and professionalism.


If my old home can’t be moved and is worthless, what do I do?

We’ll demo and remove the debris from your lot and put in a new slab and home.


Can you do home placement in the winter?

Yes, we can place homes on existing sites in winter months with no issues as well as perform construction. We provide poured foundations exclusively so they can be blanketed in cold weather until cured and ready for your new or used home. There are some limitations possible, but we can generally install piers, runners, slabs, crawlspaces and basements all season long. Oh, and Mr. El Nino winter helps out a bunch too.


Is High Touch Homes Open Holidays?

We here at High Touch Homes have a strong belief in family and faith. We are closed all major holidays so our associates can enjoy quality time with their families. Additionally we are closed Sunday’s as well.


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Additional floor plans are available. Please click on the logo of one of our partners to find the home that is right for you.